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The Game The Confession Episode (HD, TV-14) Janay nearly loses her mind and Melanie's marriage is in trouble when she confesses to Derwin about his son; Jason seeks vengeance for perceived mistreatment.
The Game Beach Chairs (HD, TV-14) Melanie suffers consequences; Tasha and Dante hit rough times; Jason is upset by Kelly's show; Malik angers Tee Tee by treating him like a subordinate.
Funny You Should Ask (HD, TV-PG) A panel of celebrity comics interact with contestants in a game, where the comedians give humorous answers to a series of trivia questions to win prizes.
Anger Management Charlie & Catholicism (HD, TV-14) Charlie is outraged when his insisting father manages to have Sam baptized without his knowledge, which leads to a heated exchange between father and son.
Anger Management Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan in Trouble (HD, TV-14) Charlie takes on another celebrity client attempting to cope with their anger but troubles arise when the two engage in a complicated relationship.
Just for Laughs Gags Bust Out Comedy (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "That Sinking Feeling, Helmet Hair and Cheep Thrills."

« The Last Challenge (TV-PG, NR, **) A town sheriff with a reputation as a legendary gunfighter is called to a showdown with a younger gunslinger and tries to talk him out of the duel.
Zane Grey Theater Lone Woman (TV-PG) A Native American enters a ranch house uninvited and kills the eldest son living in the house, and then he steals one of the family horses.
Zane Grey Theater Confession (TV-PG) A sheriff uses his talents for getting confessions from people, but a newspaper writer from New York threatens to expose his unconventional methods.

Grace Under Fire A Picture's Worth... $9.95 (TV-14) Grace is perplexed by the sudden change in her children's behavior when Quentin becomes angelic and Libby begins to misbehave.
Another Stakeout (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A prosecutor joins two prankster detectives who are searching for a man scheduled to give a testimony against an organized crime family.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Death and the Maiden (HD, TV-14) The team learns that the assault of a young man is connected to a separate case in which a store owner was murdered and his shop burned to the ground.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (TV-PG) Impassioned teachers and lively musical guests aid David and Barbara Cerullo as they worship and preach about God.

American Dad! The Kidney Stays In the Picture (HD, TV-14) After Stan finds out that his wife was unfaithful to him before their marriage, he worries that his daughter isn't really his biological child.
Jerry Springer Sex with My Cousin (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Billy thinks he has found love in a woman named Macenzy, but he may have messed up after a chance encounter with his cousin Hunter.
Celebrity Page (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts use their unique approach to story telling and getting to know celebrities by giving viewers the inside scoop on the world of entertainment.
News 13 on KASY (Repeat)

LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
Dead Again (TV-14, R, ***) After discovering a woman with amnesia, a detective digs into her past and discovers they may be linked to an old murder via reincarnation.

« A Lawless Street (TV-PG, NR, **+) A town marshal hoping to reconcile with an old flame is forced to deal with a vengeful enemy and troupe of rowdy performers in the small town of Medicine Bend.
Bonanza Town (TV-PG, NR, **+) A vigilante takes on the guise of The Durango Kid while searching for a supposedly-deceased man and the $30,000 that he stole during a hold up.

Make Room for Daddy Homecoming (TV-G) Danny and Kathy return from their long journey across Europe and are glad to be home with their family, but the Halper family's feelings are hurt.
Make Room for Daddy Tonoose's Brother (TV-G) Uncle Tonoose has a number of crazy ideas for the Williams family, to which Danny objects; he knows one person can put a stop to the plans.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Honeymoons Are for the Lucky (TV-G) Rob recalls the time he had to jump through a number of hoops in order to get off the military base and enjoy his honeymoon with his then-new wife Laura.
The Dick Van Dyke Show How to Spank a Star (TV-G) Robs favorite star wants to be a guest on the show, but nobody else involved in the show is as eager to put her on because of her manipulative reputation.
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